Sleigh Away

This project is an entry for the Strawberry PICO-8 Jam 2023 Christmas, made with the fantasy console: PICO-8. Theme was Christmas and restriction is 4 colors only!


You move the reindeer, Santa will follow your positions if you have moved enough time (like old options worked in shmup).

ONLY SANTA'S HEAD HAS COLLISION, use this to your advantage!


Santa got lazy after making all the games this year, so help the reindeer pull him  away from the dangerous Krampus army, who are here to ruin the Holiday!


Grab 3 randomly spawning goodies to help your journey! 

Candy canes grant you one life + points equal to your new life total! 

Gifts grant you 10 points each!

Christmas grenades can help you clear the screen away when Krampus overwhelm you! Press X to use them, if you have any (indicated on top-right corner)

Don't let Krampus hit Santa or it will decrease you hearts. Upon 0 the game will end!


If you are interested in development you can find all the dev vods on my YouTube Playlist!


If you like my work you can purchase the standalone binaries for this game! If you would like to see more games, gamedev blogs, pixel- and voxel arts check out my Ko-fi page, where you can support me if you want! You can get the PICO-8 cart for free on the BBS:

Big thanks to Csöndi, M4TTBIT and nnsfaka for supporting my work over at Ko-fi

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Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, Christmas, PICO-8, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen


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Way too difficult, even after knowing only santa head is vulnerable.

My best score is 6!

Deleted 87 days ago

I do, but if you cannot afford to support me, feel free to check out the Lexaloffle BBS, where you can grab it for free, as always.


The music and art are really good! The movement is interesting but quite hard for me to « rewire » my brain for it :p! Really cool nonetheless, good job :)! And it’s really cool to have a dev stream, will definitely check it out!

Really glad you like it! Movement indeed is tricky to get used to, even I mess up a lot!


As usual, it's very clean and it's a good idea to move on the reindeer while it's Santa who takes the damage and catches the presents even if there is a little adaptation time to understand and succeed in doing it. It's funny that all three of us, we've crafted scoring arcade games (for the strawberry game jam).

Thank you! Glad you enjoy it!

I think scorechasers are just a really good idea for game jams, help the replayability and are easy to create most of the time!


Really fun game. I love the music, the art, the idea. ^^ Good work!
(I also watched the stream when you were making it haha )

Thank you so much! Glad you like both the game and the stream!