Neon Runner is an entry for the #NdabJam!

It is a Neon style package delivery game, where you have to be quick and agile on your feet.

Deliver pacakges picked up on pink points to cyan ones, all indicated by circles and arrow on the top of game!



C - Press to Jump.



Pink things are all walkable.

You can jump on crows for a bounce effect, but any other collision with them will cause you precious time (recive a penalty)

You can boost, but if you hit a pedestrian (cyan people) you will lose all your boost and momentum!

If you run out of time, you will lose! 

Deliver within 10 seconds of your last delivery to unlock combo styles, such as:
"nice!", "outstanding!", "amazing!", "awesome!" and more!

End game screen has a few seconds where you cannot skip, so be patient, save your results and post them for me!

Made in 17 hours.