Start: C/Z/Y (builtin differs on keyboard layouts, the button next to 'x')

Move with: Arrows, you can step twice while wolves moves once.

Skip step: X

Collect all carrots to proceed to the next level. Avoid wolves, by hiding in the rabbit holes.  You can step twice, while wolves step one.

If they can't see you, they are dark red, and start to wander around. If the can, they turn bright red, and start to chase you down. They can't eat you, while you are in a rabbit hole.

Difficulty goes up by reached levels and steps taken, so plan ahead!

Crazy Rabbit Afternoon

This is my first finished project in the fantasy console: Pico-8. 

Player Movement, Interactions

General movement: With the primary movement buttons, in the 4 cardinal direction.
Skipping turn: The player can use the primary action button, to skip (meaning not move) on the actual turn.
Picking up carrots: The player picks up a carrot as soon as he/she steps on the given tile.

Rabbit Holes

The player can hide inside them. While the player is on a rabbit hole tile, wolves can't see or eat him/her.


If they can't see you, they wander around randomly. As soon as they see you, they track you down, and try to eat you.

You can find the whole design document here: Design Document

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