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<}= Hi fellow Itch User and welcome to A Bit Deeper! ={>

A Bit Deeper is part of my thesis about "Indie game development in nowadays", and it's a procedurally generated, infinite dungeon crawler, hack and slash.

  • You play as a mysterious hero, fighting your way down the dungeoun to destroy evil, and carve your name in history.
  • Choose one of the six difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Heroic, Godlike and glhf) and select the size of your dungeons (Small, Normal, Big, Enormous, Gigantic) and battle your way through the procedurally generated maps, placed with random enemies, and defeat the bosses at every 10-5-3 level, depending on the difficulty you choose!
  • Watch your health and navigate through the dungeon with WASD, Arrows, or a Controller, swing your sword with leftMouse or your [insterYourControllerButton1here] to eliminate those, who cross your path. Find healing potions, strategic points and use the AI to your favour.

Please consider that this game is still under development, trello tickets up, and more to come (better AI, more enemies, upgraded sprites and sounds). Maybe consider donating for a college student ;) (optional, you can download it for free).

Enjoy the game, and don't forget to leave feedback for me, to make the game better, and to write my thesis about.


Music and sounds: https://arcsibo.itch.io/


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